Top 5 Digital Innovation Hacks — Crowdsourcing Tops the List

In 2016, Mary Mesaglio, VP at Gartner published some of their results from the 2016 CIO Survey of nearly 3,000 CIOs. For most, the biggest surprise will be this conclusion:

While agile methodologies receive the bulk of attention from CIOs these days, crowdsourcing will give an organization more bang for its innovative buck.
The most important digital Innovation Practices
Crowdsourcing has the highest digital performance but the lowest usage

Here’s what Mesaglio suggested for businesses just getting started with crowdsourcing:

“The challenge with sourcing a task or challenge to a broad set of contributors via social collaboration is that it’s a different way of working. Organizations need a meaningful problem to solve, a willing community and a platform on which to interact. To get started, begin internally by crowdsourcing a nonessential idea, such as contributions for a meeting format or the holiday party. Over time, internally crowdsource a more challenging problem/idea, such as business opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT) or optimizing the service desk schedule.”

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