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The tastes and preferences of Millennial and Gen Z consumers are changing often. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to focus relentlessly on satisfying these changing preferences. With today’s technology, companies can present their problems and ideas instantly to thousands of consumers through crowdsourcing. Hear from Matthew Gaiser, a student that has completed hundreds of crowdsourcing challenges, successfully innovated products, and earned over $17,000 through providing his insights and ideas to major brands!

Interview with a student-innovator

Matthew Gaiser- Student InnovatorMindSumo: Matthew, could you give a brief background on yourself and tell us how you started crowdsourcing for companies?

Matthew: I am a Computer Engineering student at Queens University, and I currently live in Kingston, Ontario. I first discovered crowdsourcing through MindSumo my first year at Queens when I was searching for internships. After interning at the company for a year, I went back to the MindSumo platform and started completing challenges for companies. I’ve been doing them ever since.

MindSumo: Why do you participate in crowdsourcing challenges?

Matthew: First of all, the career benefit is tremendous. I have a library of work and achievement which I can put on a resume and match to the job to which I am applying. I’ve found that completing challenges for various companies makes my resume stand out a lot. I’m also a very competitive person, and I love solving problems. I’ve also made a good amount of money through these challenges.

MindSumo: What makes a good answer to a crowdsourcing challenge?

Matthew: Actually understanding the problem. You have to know why the company is asking the question and cater your response to the industry they are in. Too many solvers treat it like an assignment. When you think outside of the box and answer the question in your own way, the true innovation comes out.

MindSumo: What has been your favorite MindSumo challenge?

Matthew: My favorite challenges was actually an earlier one that I did, ‘Propose a new way to lubricate skin while shaving.’ I ended up winning the challenge by applying the technology from another similar process to a shaving razor. It was a cheap, proven technology that people would understand.”

Crowds vs. Individuals: Who wins?

Crowds gathered at a stadium

Companies in all industries can gather insights and creative ideas from people like Matthew to solve problems and drive innovation. Business columnist James Surowiecki describes in his book The Wisdom of Crowds, that “large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant.” In fact, Design Crowd states how, on the TV show, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, the expert was right 61% of the time and the crowd was right 91% of the time.

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