We’re Millennials… and so much more.

We’ve all heard Millennials are lazy.

I hear it all the time. An entire generation of young people who won’t plan for the future but seek instant gratification and likes on social media instead.


Well, I happen to be a 30-year-old millennial working with a team of millennial colleagues aimed at crowdsourcing insights and innovation from a community of over 350,000… you guessed it… millennials.


Sure, it would be great if my peers spent a little less time keeping up with the Kardashians and a little more time keeping up with their 401(k), but that’s no reason to dismiss an entire force of creative, driven and passionate thinkers. In fact, when I think of the social and professional circles in my world I don’t see lazy at all. I see a full-time teacher who designs and sells floral arrangements on the side, a financial analyst who drives Lyft once he leaves the office, and a delivery nurse who doubles as a photographer on her days off. The idea of a “side hustle” is not a new concept, but millennials are making it fashion.

Plus, 2008 happened – give us a little break.

Millennials entered the workforce during one of the most significant financial crashes in American history. Those of us who went from student to working professional during the financial crisis are still recovering from its lasting impact.


Because of this, and many other factors (like how we remember landlines and homes without computers), millennials are unique. This is a generation thirsty for a real balance between feeling alive and earning a livelihood. Millennials make up a consumer force concerned with sustainability and the future of the planet. This group would typically prefer to spend money on avocado toast and trips to the Yosemite before buying a condo. Rather than viewing this as laziness, I suggest we try to appreciate this quest to feed the soul and explore the world.

How do we make it work?

Millennials join the gig economy. Or perhaps you prefer the side hustle.

The gig economy – a term used to describe the trend of individuals seeking a broad range of short-term jobs in an effort to generate multiple sources of income. It is growing in popularity by the masses. The Millennial and Gen Z demographics exist in a world full of student loans, car payments, and increasingly high rent costs. These young minds are seeking opportunities outside or in place of traditional work settings in order to achieve their goals, stay out of debt, and develop themselves personally as well as professionally.

But why should I care about the gig economy?

Why not?!

The shift in America’s view of employment has made trending giants like DoorDash, Wag and Air BnB possible. Technology has made entrepreneurship accessible and sustainable. Companies should take notice and jump at the chance to connect with such bright and ambitious talent.

That’s what we’ve done…

At MindSumo, we’re always hearing inspiring stories from our community members. College students and young professionals who paid entire semesters of college or dug themselves out of credit card debt with the money earned on our platform. These academically motivated go-getters are pocketing cash by submitting their innovative ideas, creative solutions, personal experiences, and consumer feedback. Our clients become informed and inspired by our solvers (not to mention they save countless hours and dollars by starting a dialogue directly with the consumer and end user) while our solvers gain experience and improve their financial situation.

So, at the end of the day…

Whether a millennial is delivering chicken pad thai and spring rolls to your front door in under 15 minutes or co-creating with you to imagine the future of online banking, it would be foolish not to benefit from the energy and power of this clever and enthusiastic crowd.

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