What Business Leaders Should Know About Hiring Millennials

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This post was written by guest blogger Maddie Davis


Millennials make up the largest portion of today’s workforce. Innovative business leaders recognize the positive impact this tech-savvy, highly motivated population can have on their organizations and the contributions their unique skills bring to a business. For these reasons, some of the most innovative business leaders, such as Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle and Kathy Warden, CEO of Northrop, deliberately seek out millennial employees by remaining active in their alma maters (Baylor and JMU, respectively) and cultivating attractive work environments. Millennials comprise 38% of Oracle’s workforce, and Northrop Grumman has been consistently voted as a top-rated workplace for millennials. If you’re looking to emulate these strategic hiring models, we’re sharing the benefits business leaders should know about hiring millennials.


They’re tech savvy

You can’t talk about millennials in the workforce without mentioning technology. This generation grew up alongside the development of computers, smartphones, and other advanced tools. They’re fortunate to not only feel comfortable around current technologies, but they also quickly adapt to new things. In the workforce, this makes millennials ideal candidates for innovative companies looking to use technology for more efficient, streamlined processes. Additionally, millennials are typically willing to assist others in the office who may not be as comfortable with the latest tech, as they’re well-equipped to learn and apply new systems quickly. 

Aside from their ability to explain and assist others, millennials are often enthusiastic about finding new ways to implement technology in the workplace for more collaborative and creative environments. Today’s digital age demands companies align with the latest tech offerings, and this generation can help you to better understand what today’s customers want and the best ways to effectively deliver it. A team of employees capable and willing to employ new-age technology can allow your business to reach its full potential in terms of productivity, creativity, and collaboration.


They’re well educated

Millennials are on track to be the most educated generation to date. They’re noted as the most ambitious generation in regards to education, which translates to a highly-educated group of candidates businesses can benefit greatly from. Qualified, degree-carrying employees are plentiful in this bunch. Many completed internships during or after college, so you can be sure these new hires will be eager to apply their learned skills and learn more about how to be successful at your company.




They’re highly motivated 

There’s an ongoing debate about what actually motivates millennials. Although some believe this generation is only interested in work environments that offer foosball tables and breakroom beer taps, millennials themselves are simply eager to succeed and work hard to develop themselves in a company. In fact, 65% of millennials say personal development is the most important factor in their careers. Managers who develop a mentor-style leadership practice, provide ongoing feedback, and encourage millennial employees to share their ideas and opinions will reap the benefits of a highly-engaged, motivated workforce. 

Organizations interested in attracting millennial candidates often design their work spaces to do so. Up-to-date office tools, collaborative spaces, and an overall creativity-boosting and pleasant culture are all supportive of common millennial preferences. Although the idea of overhauling your office to fit these specifications  may seem lofty, the result of a happy and motivated team pays off. 


They’re team players

Millennials are known for being an all-inclusive generation that favors collaboration and team-oriented work. According to a the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey, 52% of millennials consider a positive, collaborative culture to be a top priority when considering an employer. Encouraging a collaborative work style not only helps your millennial employees feel more engaged and satisfied in their roles, it also ensures production of top-quality work. When each employee has an individual stake in a project, everyone is more likely to hold each other accountable. This mindset generates higher engagement, as employees feel their voices are being heard and they’re effectively contributing to the bigger picture.


They’re adaptable

Millennials are adept to change and often welcome it in their lives and careers. Growing up around constant innovation has provided them with an innate desire to seek out new ways of thinking and an appetite for continuous improvement. These qualities make for easy-going employees who are willing to roll with the punches. Because this generation tends to be fond of continuous change, investing in their career growth and advancement can help you retain millennial employees. This generation graciously welcomes new challenges and wants to know they are doing meaningful work.

The world of business is constantly evolving and, to remain competitive, it’s in every organization’s best interest to seek out quality employees who are capable of delivering the products and services modern customers demand. Millennials have so much to offer and can make exceptional assets to your workforce. We hope this piece gives your a clearer picture of the millennial generation and all they can do for your business.


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