MindSumo’s Next Chapter

MindSumo was founded almost exactly 9 years ago today. We imagined a future where young talent, regardless of geography, could apply their skills and ideas to help tackle the most urgent problems faced by businesses and nonprofits. Since then the MindSumo community has solved over 1,700 challenges – from designing a water sensor for Ericsson to keep rivers clean, to inventing a new crust for Pizza Hut, to creating more mobile cities for Mercedes-Benz. We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished – MindSumo now has over 500,000 members and has become the largest open-innovation platform for the Millennial and Gen Z generations.


Today we are excited to share that MindSumo has been acquired by MBO Partners, a leading provider of technology for enterprises to work with self-employed, independent professionals. We are inspired by MBO’s vision and are confident that joining forces with them will allow us to scale MindSumo’s impact. Together we plan to solve more client challenges than ever before. 


As part of this acquisition, the MindSumo team will join MBO’s full-time staff and MindSumo’s CEO, Keaton Swett, will assume a role as VP of Product. The MindSumo site and services will continue uninterrupted.


We wanted to thank all the MindSumo community members who shared their creativity over the years, the small but mighty group of MindSumo teammates who built such a meaningful business, and the investors who believed in our vision for the future of work. It has required the collective minds and efforts of us all to get to this point, and we can’t wait to see what we tackle together in this next chapter.


Trent Hazy, Keaton Swett, Rohan Puranik

Co-Founders, MindSumo


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See the announcement from MBO Partners



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