MindSumo Writers Program

Hello, awesome writers!

MindSumo wants to bring you on as a freelance writer for our blog! This gives you an opportunity to showcase your writing skills and build your writing portfolio.
Getting started is simple: just like in the world of journalism, pitch us a topic that is relevant to MindSumo and would be exciting for your classmates to read about. We're leaving it totally open-ended so that you can get creative.

Our team will review your proposed topic. If we like it, we'll offer an invitation for you to write the article.

Upon completion of the article, we'll pay you $20 if it meets all of our criteria (500-1000 words, relevant to MindSumo, contains creative content, and written clearly). We'll also share your article with our community of 250,000 users!

P.S. $20 is just the start. We're developing a bonus payout structure for articles based on their reach, engagement, creativity, and usefulness.